Razones comunes por lo cual las visas son canceladas en Australia

The Most Common Reasons Why Student Visas Are Cancelled

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) determines that a student visa may be cancelled if:

-You are a non-genuine student on the basis that you fail to attend class

-Tuition fees are not paid as per your signed agreement

-You have been in Australia for more than 28 days after your COE has been cancelled without a new COE being issued

-You have gaps of more than 8 weeks without studies

-Not Meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress

-Character, legal issues

-Providing bogus/fraudulent documents or false and misleading information in an application to the DHA

-Changing the circumstances of previous visa applications

-Breaking your visa conditions described on the official documents, e.g:

8105 - Work limitation
8202 - Meet course requirements
8501 - Maintain health insurance
8516 - Must maintain eligibility
8517 - Maintain education for dependents
8532 - Under 18 approve welfare
8533 - Inform provider of address



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