Autumn Activities for International Students

Autumn Activities for International Students

Autumn Activities for International Students

¡Autumn Activities for International Students!


1. Indoor and Outdoor Sport Activities

Sport is an important part of Australian culture dating back to the early colonial period. So why not practice your favourite sport or join one of the hundreds of sporting clubs available around Australia.


2. Visit Gardens or Hot Springs

Gardens are gorgeous any time of the year, but they're even more beautiful during autumn. The mix of colours next to the evergreen trees makes Gardens a relaxing getaway. A bit more expensive, you can find hot spring water around Australia that can keep you  warm. You won't be disappointed you stopped there.


3. Wine Tasting 

Cold weather tends to make people want to stay home and cuddle on the couch but this is one of the best times to wine taste! Not only will the vineyards be gorgeous with the changing colours but it's also around the time that all the new vintages come out. Take the opportunity to try some of Australia’s awesome wines whilst enjoying the gentle breeze of a cool autumn’s day with your friends.


4. Go to  out with friends; Cinemas, Pubs, Restaurants

Have fun with classmates enjoying some awesome films or simple have fun chilling out with friends. There are hundreds of different type of pubs, places, music, karaoke, restaurants, etc.  Why should this have to stop during autumn time!


5. Footy! 

Obviously with the change in the seasons comes the most amazing sport to ever be created in Australia. Check out a game of AFL, Australia's most loved sport, it is like no other sport in the world. 


6. Go for a Walk

Walking is a distracting and healthy activity. It enables you to connect with the Australian culture, whether you are walking i

n the city or just around the local shopping centre.


7. Local Events

Australian is known for holding many events. These range from food festivals to street parades. This is a great way to experience the multiculturalism that Australia is oh so famous for.


8. Go Camping

There are many powered and unpowered campsites right around Australia. Many of these locating in some of Australia's most beautiful national parks.


9. Go Fruit Picking

Australia has delicious produce and there's no fresher than straight from the plant. many farms and orchards throughout Australia offer fruit and/or vegetable picking to the public. it is a great day out and a yummy one too!


10. Go for a Day Trip

Whether you drive or catch public transport, there is always somewhere new to discover. Explore the open rode and the serenity that Australia has to offer by going for a day trip. You will be amazes by the things you discover on the way. 


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